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Wood Venetian Blinds

Check out our popular made to measure faux wood and natural wood venetian blinds. They are stylish and versatile with options to suit all budgets.

Natural wood venetian blinds made from sustainable basswood. Basswood has an even texture, fine, natural grain pattern. Growth rings tend to be subtle. Knots and other defects are uncommon. Its light uniform colour doesn’t detract from the carved patterns. And makes the wood easier to paint and colour. The finished product has a welcoming warmth and elegance.

Our faux wood blinds simulate the look of natural wood blinds. Made from a high-quality PVC which is moisture and heat resistant. This makes them perfect blinds for bathrooms and kitchens. There is less risk of them fading or warping due to excessive heat from sunlight. Yeah, we know, there is no risk of sunlight in the North East.

Available in two slat sizes (35mm and 50mm). All manufactured to the highest possible standards. There is a slat size and colour for every interior. Whether contemporary or traditional.

We have faux wood blinds from mismeasures and cancelled orders that need to go. Widths can be altered depending on size and fitted with the same great service. Get in touch for more info.

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Find the right one for your room. Our colours include greys, whites, and naturals for light, bright interiors. Darker shades available for moody rooms. And stained for a more contemporary painted finish.

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Tape options

There are 20 tape options with three widths (19mm, 25mm, and 38mm).

We have coordinating tape colours for our wood venetian blinds. You can have a contrasting tape colour if you are looking for something different. Or if a taped wood blind isn’t what you are after, you can have a string finish.


Black Stripe

Brown Stripe



Dark Grey



Grey Stripe


Light Grey




Red Stripe






Customising your wooden blinds by adding tape gives it that quality traditional look. Tapes reduce the amount of direct light entering the room through the cord holes.

Things to note

  • Our faux wood and natural wood venetian blinds have a max width and drop of 240cm. Making them perfect for those impressive big windows
  • Complete control over light and privacy by tilting the slats to block out sunlight. And the outside world
  • Both our faux wood and natural wood venetian blinds are low maintenance but prone to dust. They are easier to clean than metal venetian blinds due to the solid slats
  • You can use cleaning solutions and liquids on our faux wood venetian blinds. They are more resistant to damage from cleaning products. But we recommend wiping clean with a damp cloth instead to be safe
  • Same goes for our natural wood venetians. Angle down the slats and wipe clean with a damp cloth. Make sure to dry them after as moisture may ruin them
  • Natural wooden blinds can warp in high humidity/moist environments. Think bathrooms and kitchens. Opt for faux wood for these rooms for their moisture resistance properties
  • If you are moving home or redecorating. Consider keeping your wooden venetian blinds. They are versatile and will suit different styles. You can even re-varnish or stain your natural wood venetians if they no longer go with the room
  • Wooden Venetian blinds are more expensive than other products. But can be a good alternative to shutters when it comes to budget

Not what you were looking for?

If wooden venetians aren’t for you. Check out other products in our range.

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