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Child Safety

Are your children safe around your window blinds? If not, as a BBSA member and ‘make it safe’ approved supplier, we are in a position to give you information on ways to make existing blinds safer and reduce the risk from looped blind cords and chains. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Save Energy and Money with Siesta Blinds

By having blinds or shutters installed you can reduce heat lost through your windows by up to 40%. For every £1000 you spend on your heating bills, you can save £70! Having blinds and shutters in winter and using them properly can reduce the heat loss through the windows which means the demand for heating […]

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Window Blinds Are Often Neglected By Homeowners

Window blinds are often neglected by homeowners because they feel that it is not that important. Blinds however are very necessary in ones home. They come in many different styles including Venetians, which are available in aluminium, wood of various sorts and plastic, roller blinds normally made from cloth and available with either straight or […]

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