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8 Questions To Ask a UK Blinds Company

  1. Is your company covered by insurance for any damage you might cause in my home or office? (It would surprise you how many are not insured, or are under insured.)
  2. Do you have proper bespoke price lists? (Some blinds companies charge the same price for an 8 foot blind as a 2 foot blind, which in essence means you are paying for an 8 foot blind for any size, even a very small window.)
  3. Do you have any genuine testimonials from your satisfied customers? (If not, why not? Don’t they have any satisfied customers?)
  4. Will I have to pay a cash deposit upfront, or even pay in full? (You should never pay fully for the blinds until they are fitted, and if you are paying a deposit it’s a good idea to put it on your credit card, because the Card company may be able to help in the case of a dispute.)
  5. Do you really have 50% off the price of your blinds, did you actually sell these blinds at twice the price? (Many companies are always adverting 50% sales, but it’s best to read the small print in the advert, which always says “up too 50% off”.)
  6. Are you an employee of the company or just an Agent? ( Agents change quite often and a new agent is not so keen to put a job right as there is no commission in it for him. If an employee leaves a new employee would return as he would be on a wage.)
  7. Do you really have blinds at the prices you advertise? (It’s not unusual for companies to advertise a price or quote over the phone, but not have blinds at the price apart from colours no one wants.)
  8. What hidden extras do you charge for? ( A lot of companies charge for a split opening on a vertical blind.)
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